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TREES, PLEASE! One Can Only Wish!

By Tim Clancy for Let's Talk Plants! September 2021.

Tree Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue tree from the Tree Wellness Foundation! The following information is required* so that we can assist you in the selection of your new tree. This form, and a consultation with a TWF adoption counselor, are designed to help us determine if the adoption is in the tree’s best interest and to assist you in finding the tree most compatible with your lifestyle.

Adoption Donation:

  • Large Trees (over 4” DBH) – $500

  • Small Trees (under 4” DBH) – $250

The adoption donation helps us cover the loading and/or delivery of your new tree, current fungal treatments, microchipping, and temporary boarding of the tree. A home visit and a binding contract will be required to adopt the tree. Please note we require adopters to be 25 years of age or older.

Tree Adoption Form: The following information is required*

Desired adoptable tree?*


Year You Were Born:*

Name of Spouse or Partner:*


Is your home a(n):*




Do you rent or own? *

Provide Landlord's name and number:

List any additional people in household:*

Has anyone in your household experienced allergies or asthma?*

Why are you looking to adopt a tree?* Circle all that apply.

Companion for you/spouse,

Companion for you/spouse,

Companion for children,

Companion for pet,

Replace lost or dead tree,

Gift, Other (Explain)

Who will be responsible for the tree’s care (feeding, training, arborist visits, socialization etc.)?*

Are you prepared to care for this tree for its life span of 30-50 years?*

Who will provide for your tree in the event that you become ill or unable to care for it?*

Do you have any of the following?*





Swimming Pool

None of these

Do you have a fence?*

Describe your fence including all heights, materials, gates/openings. Is the fence intact on all sides? Are there locks at each gated opening?

How many hours a day will your tree be left alone?*

Will this be your first tree?*

Please list trees you've previously owned (type, age):*

What happened to trees previously owned?*

If deceased, please list cause of death.

Do you have any other trees in your home?*

Please list names, types, ages of current trees in home:

Do you have an arborist?*

Provide us with your arborist's name, locations and phone number.

Are your tree’s treatments up-to-date?*

When was the last visit by the arborist?*

Are you prepared to cover any arborist expenses that you may incur throughout your trees’ life?*

If yes, is there a limit to arborist expenses over your tree's lifetime? If so, what is the limit?

Do you plan on purchasing tree insurance?*

How do you plan on keeping your new tree's crown clean?*

What traits are you looking for in a tree?*

Are there any behaviors that would be unacceptable to you?*

How do you plan on training your tree?*

Would you be willing to hire a professional arborist to help with any major structural issue?*

What amount of time do you think is reasonable for your tree to adjust to you and your home?*

What will you do with your new tree if the following seven situations occurred? *

1) You move to a new home that does not allow trees?

2) You get married? (if you're single)

3) A new boyfriend/girlfriend is allergic to trees?

4) You travel?

5) You move locally?

6) Move out of state or country?

Under what circumstances would you not be able to keep this tree?*



Spouse/child is allergic

Needs to much attention

Job change/loss

Destroys property

Expensive Arborist Bills

Conflicts with Other Trees

Tree is untrainable

Needs Daily Attention

Needs Special Diet

If you have to give up this tree for any of the above checked reasons, what will you do with the tree?*

Were you ever in a situation where you were not able to keep a tree?*

If you answered yes, please explain:

List one to two references.*

Include their name, email and phone. Include their relationship to you.

Are you willing to have an TWF representative visit your home?*

I ____________ certify that all of the above information is true and accurate. I understand that if I adopt a tree from the Tree Wellness Foundation, this document will become part of the adoption record. I also understand that completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee the adoption of an TWF tree.

Signed ________________


Tim Clancy, Tim Clancy & Associates LLC

P.O. Box 1180

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007

- International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist No. WE-0806A

- International Society of Arboriculture - Tree Risk Assessment Qualified


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