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SHARING SECRETS: Spring Scene in the Garden

Edited by Cathy Tylka.

Do you have bunnies, chickees or ducklings in your Garden? Yes, no, maybe so . . . well, what is on your Spring Scene in the garden? Is there a spring Equinox or Easter special plant, flower or another accoutrement?


Lucy Warren, 92104, answers the question with:

One of my favorite parts of spring are the spring seasonal flowers and bulbs. The Narcissus, Leucojum, Ipheion, ornamental Oxalis, and especially the Sparaxis which have naturalized in my front garden.


DonLaura Starr, 92104, states:

Coming from the East Coast it would be lilacs. Hard to find here. Their scent is full of memories.

"Every garden is a kind of autobiography." - Anonymous

No lilacs in San Diego. Could buy at the farmers market but don’t see them this year.


Miranda Alexander, 92117, told us:

I live at the edge of Tecolote Canyon and due to frequent coyote presence, we have no chickens, ducks or bunnies.

Wikimedia Commons
Stock photo of desert Cassia.

I do have a special Easter bloomer this year. It is a desert cassia/senna which is a mass of 100's of tiny yellow blossoms adored by the bees. It was planted to help conceal the rain barrels, which it does in a magnificent manner!


Gerald Stewart mentions:

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons License.
Closeup of the face of an eight-year-old domestic bicolor cat, neutered male, in the tall grass of an Alaskan lawn.

I have bunnies on the property. Fortunately, the cats are catching and eating them before they grow so big that they eat my plants. Mice, rats, squirrels --- I can trap. Rabbits are the one vermin that I rely on cats to control.


William and Christie Van Dusen, 92040, state…

We are in the watershed/floodplain in Lakeside. Every year a determined mother Wood Duck leads her new hatchlings around our garden.

Photo credit: William and Christie Van Dusen.
Determined mother Wood Duck.

Sheri Armendaris stated:

Stock photo of free ranging hens.

Yes, nine backyard chickens free range 1/2 day.

Yes, wild rabbits cohabitate outside with our chickens.

Spring brings rain to grow grass for the rabbits and bring out bugs for the chickens. Challenge of spring is the circle of life. Keeping chickens safe from owls and hawks. Keeping flowers and plants safe from chickens and rabbits.

We love nature at our home and try to keep a balance. 🦋🌸🐇


Tynan Wyatt says:

At the moment no, but my six-year-old son keeps asking for chickens, so we'll see. He's even gone so far as to start nailing together random pieces of wood in an attempt to build the chicken coop I keep reminding him we'll need. At least he's got some initiative! More likely earlier arrivals are the planned bee box and bat box. My California natives are in year two plus and are taking off so, I think we'll have a good year-round source of nectar for the bees. The bats are for fun and to see if I get a bonus fertilizer production benefit for one or two of my fruit trees. The only other garden critters that I'm growing are the compost worms which are a big help reducing my contribution to municipal waste.


Gayle Olson, 92064, shares:


Gayle Olson
Bc. Pastoral Innocence
Dendrobium Hilda Paxon
Gayle Olson
Phalaenopsis Harlequin
Gayle Olson
Blc. Fortune x B. Digbyana
Gayle Olson

Karen England, 92084 answered -

I have two ducks, five hens (and one pet bunny, as well as, wild rabbits everywhere . . .) that all entertain me and the dogs and the cat when they roam about the property eating snails and bugs. The ducks love the two duck ponds I've made for them and they absolutely love the front door fountain. Because of predators, I have sadly lost a few hens recently, and until they are made safer with netting over their free range area, they are being kept in the coop and hen yard these days.

That means with the recent rains, the snails have once again run amok now that the birds are not about to curb their numbers.


Cathy Tylka, RN, retired Emergency Nurse, found her love of plants and the SDHS merge many years ago. Cathy acted as Treasurer for the organization and volunteer for many activities. Now, more than happy to assist in gathering questions to ask you in the Sharing Secrets area of the Newsletter.


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