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SHARING SECRETS: Gnome Sweet Gnome

Photo credit: Masumi King.
A happy gnome enjoying Masumi King’s garden.

Edited by Tina Ivany.

Garden Gnomes:  Some people love them ("Yes! Even my fairy garden has a garden gnome.") and some people hate them ("Do they really have a place in the serious gardens of Horticultural Society members?").  What are your own thoughts on the subject and how many gnomes (or other fanciful creatures) are hiding in your garden? 

Linda Canada: While not a fan of gnomes, I do use art in my garden. This queenly figure came from a SD Pottery Guild show in Balboa Park years ago. She’s only about 10 inches tall, but draws attention to an otherwise shady area by my front walk.

Photo credit: Linda Canada.
Linda Canada’s garden queen.

Charlotte Getz: I do not like garden gnomes and I do not have any in my yard. I prefer the focus to be on unusual plants that grow and thrive such as ceanothus, leucadendrons, grevilleas and leucospermums. I do like areas in the yard to observe the beauty of these plants in their bloom cycles, but gnomes do not reside in those areas!

Kathy McGaffigan: They are not my favorite, but I think they are fine to have in the garden for those who enjoy.  Whimsy definitely has its place in the garden and the Horticultural Society as it adds interest and creates conversation.  Whatever works to get people outside and digging in, is great!

Masumi King: I have two in my garden!

Photo credit: Masumi King.
Masumi King’s second gnome (and friend).

Al Myrick: We have things and sculpture and GARGOYLES around bends and hidden in gardens. The older I get the more they surprise me! They all help the plants grow.

Barb Patterson: I fell in love with the little granite owls when I first saw them at Seaside Gardens in Carpinteria. (Now they are available everywhere.)  I purchased 5, totally believing I would use them as gifts.  Ha!  Five darling owls occupy space in my garden.  Perched on fences and benches, they still bring a smile when I look at them and I love every single one.  

Cathy Tylka has a variety of garden art, including this gnome which is almost hidden.

Photo credit: Cathy Tylka.
Cathy Tylka’s gnome.

Peggy Troester: No, I don’t have any garden gnomes.  But if I ever saw the right one…who knows, I might just have to buy it. I think they’re cute.

Tina Ivany: My garden gnome is more of a “screened-in back patio” gnome, where he is safe from sun and rain. And my fairy garden has TWO gnomes!


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