SHARING SECRETS: Cut Flowers or Potted Plants?

Photo by Cathy Tylka.

Edited by Christina Ivany.

Which of these do you give more often as a gift:  cut flowers or potted flowers/plants? 

Cathy Tylka (Escondido): I love them both and try to have whatever is blooming in my yard, cut in a vase in my home. But the potted plants are my favorite, because they last longer. And sometimes, I get to have the potted plants bloom outside.

Photo by Cathy Tylka.

Linda Chisari: Cut flowers! Sweet Peas in Winter/Spring, Zinnias in Summer/Fall, Alstroemerias all year long to supplement the other flowers. All grow prolifically in my raised beds, among the vegetables.

Charlotte Getz (92024): I give potted flowers or plants. I choose seasonal items to give. For holiday gifts: amaryllis bulbs, paper whites, cyclamen and a backfill of greenery from my yard. Pittosporum leaves, camellia leaves and variegated duranta branches often are good fillers.

Darlene Rogers: I enjoy cut flowers because they are so varied. You can pick and choose and create with each bouquet. I prefer a circular arrangement so displays well from all angles.

Madhuri Jarwala: Flowers from my garden. My friends love them and I feel lucky to be able to give little bouquets for their birthdays.

Jodie Cavanagh: Cut flowers have a short life; I prefer to give and receive a potted plant because of its longevity.

Melissa Johnson: Cut flowers. Most of my friends/family would kill the potted plant . . .

Barbara Emont: Potted flowers create a sense of possibility and transformation, an anticipation of a greater moment in time.

Robin Rivet: The gift that keeps giving is always the best. My favorite was a potted freesia with an intense rosy-red color and potent fragrance. It’s been ten years now since someone gifted it to me as a birthday present, and it still pops up every spring.

Marilyn Wilson is a "cut-flower girl." I take bouquets of flowers from my garden to my doctor's office, the dentist, lunch with a friend, and several neighbors on my block.  I also order flowers sent to my sister who lives in the mid-west.

Linda Canada: Potted plants - sometimes I create a little succulent garden from plants I'm already growing.

Linda Jones: Cut flowers! I love the mixture of colors, shapes, textures you can get with cut flowers.

Karen Stanford (91976): Potted plants or cuttings. Only my other half and the tortoise get flowers cut from my yard.

Ann Goran: Potted flowers or plants.

Barbara Dunn (92078): Potted plants, they last longer.

Cindy Bruecks (92107): Funny, I essentially never give cut flowers as a gift, unless they come from my own cutting garden. I feel it's wasteful, and the blooms generally look best on the plant. I give potted plants often, whenever I think the recipient would enjoy/appreciate them. I am careful not to terrorize my brown-thumbed colleagues who would be totally intimidated by something they have to "take care of".


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