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SD HORT BOOK CLUB: Everyone Welcome!

By Karen England, for Let's Talk Plants! August 2022.

Come read with us!
You are invited to join the SD Hort Book Club
– everyone is welcome.
SDHBC meets the first Monday of every month (except when we skip a month😁) on Zoom at 4:30 p.m. for Happy Half Hour social time and 5 p.m. for book discussion. Zoom link is emailed directly to SDHBC members.

Interested? Send an email to with “book club” in the subject line.

August 1st

Orwell’s Roses by Rebecca Solnit ©2021 Biography (audio, eBook, hardcover, paperback)

“In the spring of 1936, a writer planted roses.” So begins Rebecca Solnit’s book, Orwell’s Roses, a reflection on George Orwell’s passionate gardening and the way that his involvement with plants, particularly flowers, illuminates his other commitments as a writer and antifascist, and on the intertwined politics of nature and power.

August starts the quarterly nominating of books to read next. Send all horticulturally rich book nominations to by August 15, 2022. Voting begins August 16 via email and the October, November and December books to read will be announced in the next newsletter and at the September book club meeting.

September 5th

The Nature Of Oaks by Douglas W. Tallamy ©2021 Nonfiction

(audio, eBook, hardcover, paperback)

Oaks sustain a complex and fascinating web of wildlife. The Nature of Oaks reveals what is going on in oak trees month by month, highlighting the seasonal cycles of life, death, and renewal. From woodpeckers who collect and store hundreds of acorns for sustenance to the beauty of jewel caterpillars, Tallamy illuminates and celebrates the wonders that occur right in our own backyards. He also shares practical advice about how to plant and care for an oak, along with information about the best oak species for your area. The Nature of Oaks will inspire you to treasure these trees and to act to nurture and protect them.


Previously Read List:

January 2021 - The Language of Flowers by V. Diffenbaugh 👍

February 2021 - The Food Explorer by D. Stone 👍👍

March 2021 - Green Mansions by W. H. Hudson👍

April 2021 - A Memory of Violets by H. Gaynor 👍

May 2021 - Founding Gardeners by A. Wulf 👍👍

June 2021 - Elizabeth and Her German Garden by E. von Arnim 👍

July 2021 - In Praise of Tomatoes by S. Shepherd 👍👍

August 2021 - Undaunted Courage by S. Ambrose 👍👍

September 2021 - Around the World in 80 Plants/Trees both by J. Drori 👍👍

October 2021 - American Eden by V. Johnson 👍

November/December 2021Finding The Mother Tree by S. Simard 👍👍

January 2022Braiding Sweetgrass by R. Kimmerer 👍👍

February/March 2022 - The Seed Keeper by D. Wilson 👍

April 2022 - In Search Of Lost Roses by T. Christopher 👍👍

May 2022 - Turn Here Sweet Corn by A. Diffley 👍👍

June/July 2022 - The Arbornaut by M. Lowman 👍👍

Our Ratings System Explained -

👍👍 Two thumbs up = excellent

👍 One thumb up = good

✔️ No thumbs up or down = okay

👎 One thumb down = bad

👎👎 Two thumbs down = awful


There is a Muckety-muck Scotch! At that price only a very muckety muckety-muck could afford it!

Karen England is the head muckety-muck of the SD Hort Book Club and, for the record, she drinks cheap scotch as she reads. . .


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