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SCHOOL GARDEN GRANTS: Jamul Elementary School

By Farmer Roy Wilburn, for Let's Talk Plants! February 2022.

Since all 15 of the chosen grant application schools received their SDHS School Garden Grant money for the 2021-2022 school year, the schools are sending the SDHS thank you notes and emails with garden updates that will be passed along to the membership, one school at a time, throughout the coming school year, in this regular School Garden Grants column.

This month it is Jamul Elementary School in San Diego with this email update with photos from Sarah, Parent Volunteer Garden Coordinator, September 2021.

Dear Roy and the SDHS, September 2021

Our school garden is a place of inclusion and wonder. We have been running our gardening and nutrition program for three years now with amazing success. With the $500 from the San Diego Horticultural Society, I plan to buy children's literature books to supplement our outdoor education. I also plan to use part of the award to fund buying benches for our children to sit on. The children are currently sitting on straw bales, but the straw bales sometimes hurt them. I found benches, but their cost is over a thousand dollars, so I am currently exploring other options to fund this entire purchase. In truth, our gardening classroom always needs more tools, seeds, and supplies. This is the reality of teaching! I am so grateful to the San Diego Horticultural Society for donating to our children. Our principal has already mentioned your donation in the school announcements.

Many Thanks,


Not long after this email a follow-up email arrived -

Roy, October 2021

Here are our new benches! I ended up making them with my husband. We are so grateful!!


Roy Wilburn, in grateful collaboration with Heather Holland of the Master Gardeners, is the board member in charge of the SDHS School Garden Grants program and other scholarships.


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