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SCHOOL GARDEN GRANTS: Canyon View Elementary

By board member Roy Wilburn, known as Farmer Roy, and president Karen England, for Let's Talk Plants! December 2021.

Now that all 15 of the chosen grant application schools have received their SDHS School Garden Grant money for the 2021-2022 school year, the schools are sending the SDHS thank you notes and emails with garden updates that will be passed along to the membership, one school at a time, throughout the coming school year, in this regular School Garden Grants column.

This month it is Canyon View Elementary in San Diego with this email update with photos from Rachel Kasner, Garden Coordinator, November 2021.

To the San Diego Horticultural Society, Thank you for your generous donation to Canyon View Elementary. We are a PTO funded garden and greatly appreciate the ability to purchase some much-needed improvements to our garden area. So far we have obtained a giant sunshade that allows for larger groups than a traditional pop-up. We are also retiring some older tools and replacing them with new, shiny ones. Next I will be on the hunt for a mini shed to better organize our tools/supplies as well as some red wrigglers for our vermicompost. Thank you again, with your support we can continue to offer the kids opportunities to explore how nature ties into their everyday life. Rachel Kasner Garden coordinator


Roy Wilburn, in grateful collaboration with Heather Holland of the Master Gardeners, is the board member in charge of the SDHS School Garden Grants program and other scholarships.


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