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SCHOOL GARDEN GRANTS: Cadman Elementary School, San Diego, California

By board member Roy Wilburn, known as Farmer Roy, and president Karen England for Let's Talk Plants! November 2021.

Now that all 15 of the chosen grant application schools have received their SDHS School Garden Grant money for the 2021-2022 school year, the schools are sending the SDHS thank you notes and emails with garden updates that will be passed along to the membership, one school at a time, throughout the coming school year, in this regular School Garden Grants column.

This month it is Cadman Elementary School in San Diego with this email update with photos from Cindy Davis, Parent Volunteer Garden Coordinator, September 2021.

Good Morning San Diego Horticultural Society,
Cadman Elementary School is honored and thrilled to receive your generous award to support our Sage Garden Project inaugural year! We extend our deep gratitude for your commitment to school gardens and the San Diego community.
Thanks to the SDHS we received many cubic yards of topsoil from City Farmers for our newly constructed garden beds!
Recently an Eagle Scout candidate installed our newly constructed garden beds and set up infrastructure to irrigate them as well.
A generous community is strongly supporting our little school where big things happen!
Cadman Elementary scholars then began the work of moving our SDHS funded topsoil and compost, (from City Farmers and Mountain Meadows), into our (Eagle Scout gifted) garden beds recently. We couldn’t do it without our community of support and our Sage Garden Project Educators so I thought I’d share these photos with you.
Warm regards,
Cindy Davis, Parent Volunteer Garden Coordinator
Cadman Elementary School, San Diego, CA


Roy Wilburn, in grateful collaboration with Heather Holland of the Master Gardeners, is the board member in charge of the SDHS School Garden Grants program and other scholarships.


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