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PRESIDENT'S LETTER: I've Waited All Year For This...

By Golly.

Photo credit: Candid Camera Classic.
Have you heard of Asparaberries? Neither had this man . . .

You may remember reading the April Fool's Day Botany article from last April, filed under the Plant of the Month 2020, but if not, never fear, you can read it here. I had so much fun with that piece that I have been stock piling material since for this year! And, while restraint is not my middle name, I am saving some hilarious botany that I've uncovered for another year, because there are a lot of funny plants jokes out there.

This prank is so funny to me and I hope you get a chuckle from it too . . .

"Farmers are fooled into thinking we combined asparagus and strawberries to grow ASPARABERRIES. Then shoppers are asked to buy them." - Candid Camera Classics

Karen England.
Are you following your President on Instagram? If so, you have already see this photo. Follow her, @edgehillherbfarm, to see her daily posts about her funny cat named Whiskey. #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty

To make up for not being serious here in this article, I am hoping to make up for it in the Come Into The Kitchen, Gardener article, <link to article to be inserted here> in this same issue, with real recipes for enjoying strawberries and asparagus, just not combined.


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