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NOVEMBER NURSERY TOUR: East West Trees - Grubb & Nadler Nurseries.

Where -

East West Trees (a Grubb & Nadler Nursery)

Located at 2416 Rainbow Valley Blvd,

Fallbrook, CA 92028

When -

Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

What -

This private nursery tour of Grubb & Nadler Nurseries (formerly East West Trees) is Limited to 30 SDHS members. Registering guests must be SDHS members. Admission is free for SDHS members, but if members bring a non-member guest, there will be a $15 fee (cash or check only) upon arrival. Two registrations only per membership, please.

Why -

East West Trees/Grubb & Nadler grow a wide array of palms (50+ species) at all stages of propagation, from seed beds and cutting liners to in-ground and 96-inch boxed trees; tons of succulents and proteaceous plants and staple subtropicals like strelitzia and bambusa; select perennials, trees, shrubs, and bromeliads. The nursery is set in the bucolic Rainbow Valley in a bowl of chaparral-covered granite hills. You will have the opportunity to select plants for purchase during the tour and pick up and pay for plants at the end of the tour.

Our tour guide will be our November meeting speaker, Gregg Ogenorth, Head Grower at the nursery. The event is limited to the first 30 people to register and the tour starts at 9:30 AM.

How -


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