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NEXT HYBRID MEETING: Plant Genetics - From Mendel's Peas to Your Tasty Tomatoes w/ Lisa Marun - June 15, 2024, 1:30p At San Diego Oasis In Rancho Bernardo

Next Hybrid Meeting: June 15, 2024, with Lisa Marun presenting on

 "Plant Genetics: From Mendel's Peas to Your Tasty Tomatoes"

Part history, part science, and part storytelling, Lisa will share how our knowledge of plant genetics has changed over time, why some plants offer 'volunteers' right and left in your garden, and how you can play matchmaker with your plants. 

Lisa will start us off with a review of our long-forgotten high school Genetics 101, and reintroduce us to our friend Gregor Mendel, so bring your thinking caps or just enjoy the pictures for the first part. We'll also talk more specifically about the unexpected variety of ways that flowering plants pass on their traits, and how we can leverage this knowledge by doing our own garden experiments. What could go wrong? Depending on your perspective, a lot! But that's part of the fun!

Lisa is, among other things, a former co-editor of our newsletter, Let's Talk Plants! with Susan Starr.

Note: Although this an in-person meeting, Lisa will be remote and zoomed into Oasis for the presentation. 


We now meet on the THIRD Saturday of the month!


Meeting location address is:

San Diego Oasis

17170 Bernardo Center Dr

San Diego, CA 92128

Location phone: (858) 240-2880

Tip to avoid confusion when driving to the new meeting site:

When entering this location into your GPS make sure to input SAN DIEGO OASIS and choose the Bernardo Center Dr address, not Grossmont. Please note, there are several businesses with Oasis in its name in our county.



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