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NEXT HYBRID MEETING: Pamela Tucker On African Violets On Saturday May 18, 2024, 1:30p At San Diego Oasis In Rancho Bernardo


San Diego Oasis center in Rancho Bernardo (17170 Bernardo Center Drive) on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 1:30 p.m. Register Here

Remember your grandmother’s African Violets? They sat on a bright windowsill, seemingly always in bloom with their gorgeous flowers, and so accommodating that if you knocked off a leaf, you could just plop it into a glass of water to root a new plant.

What a perfect plant to bring botanical beauty indoors, while drought conditions desiccate your garden outside. And they’re not toxic to Fluffy and Bowser!

Our May speaker will bring back memories of these unique houseplants and inspire you to find a window or a grow-light to welcome a couple of them into your home right away.


We now meet on the THIRD Saturday of the month!


Meeting location address is:

San Diego Oasis

17170 Bernardo Center Dr

San Diego, CA 92128

Location phone: (858) 240-2880

Tip to avoid confusion when driving to the new meeting site:

When entering this location into your GPS make sure to input SAN DIEGO OASIS and choose the Bernardo Center Dr address, not Grossmont. Please note, there are several businesses with Oasis in its name in our county.



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