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NEXT COFFEE IN THE GARDEN: November 20, 2021 At Karen England's Edgehill Herb Farm In Vista, CA

"Where the name is bigger than the farm, but no one seems to mind!"

Have you ever wondered about your president who just showed up in the pandemic practically unannounced? Who is she? Where did she come from? What's her garden like? Should this off-beat herb enthusiast really be the president of the San Diego Horticultural Society?

Come see for yourself! Meet her and tour her 21 year old, primarily edible garden that sits on two sloping acres in Vista, CA with some incredible ocean views from the top of her property.

Save the date: November 20, 2021
10am - 3pm
Coffee In the Garden
at Karen England's
Edgehill Herb Farm
Vista, CA

Free tickets can be gotten two weeks before this member-only event. Registration begins soon, watch your email!


Karen grows the fresh edible flower tea she serves at her garden tea parties. Sorry you missed it!

Speaking of "Coffee in the Gardens" - we are holding a renaming contest for this popular member benefit of being able to visit SDHS member gardens together. Since we no longer serve coffee (or anything for that matter due to the pandemic) this name seems obsolete. And since Karen would have served tea if she could serve something, coffee wouldn't have worked in that regard for her garden. The garden visit day has been called other things in the past; "Featured Garden," "Open Garden," etc., but these monikers don't seem like us, they aren't very San Diego-ish. So, send in your suggestions for the new name of this event before the January 2022 meeting and you could win a $25 gift certificate to Sunshine Gardens Nursery in Encinitas. (Yes, Sunshine Gardens is Karen's cousin's nursery business that employs Karen periodically and gave her start in horticulture 50 years ago.) Only one name wins. Enter as many times as you wish! Send suggested names to Good Luck!



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