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MONTHLY MEETING: The Magical World of Seeds.

Brijette Peña, owner and founder of San Diego Seed Company!

Join us on December 9th when we will truly get to hear from Brijette Peña, owner and founder of San Diego Seed Company!

San Diego Seed Company produces, trials, and breeds organic seed adapted for the unique climates of Southern California and the American Southwest.

At our December meeting, Brijette will tell us all about seeds, including the different types of seeds; the history of the seed industry; why seed saving and local seed production is so important; and how seed can be saved.

San Diego Seed Company is the only local seed distributor in San Diego and the only certified organic urban seed producer in the country. A collaborator with the Organic Seed Alliance, San Diego Seed specializes in local, non-GMO, non-hybrid heirloom seeds. Founded in 2000, the Company grew out of Brijette’s experience sharing seeds she had gathered and saved from her home garden. The Company, which currently produces over 160 varietals of seeds with over 98 percent sold locally in California, now sits on an acre above the 94 freeway. There Brijette trials seed production, growing everything from cabbage and carrots to dill.

Producing seeds appropriate to San Diego is not an easy task. It can take two years to produce seeds for a new product. First, plants are grown to test their characteristics. Then those that are selected must be left to flower so that their seed can be collected and germination tested. However, it’s all worth it. The production of local seed increases genetic diversity and leads to more disease and pest resistant plants. It also gives us new ways to take advantage of our mild winter and low water environment, even allowing Brijette to develop seeds of perennial tomatoes and chard.

Join us on December 9th to learn more about seeds and how we can contribute to the seed saving effort. The evening starts at 6:00 PM at Congregation Beth Israel. Admission is free for SDHS members and $15 for non-members. Parking is free. For more information, call (619) 296-9215 or visit


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