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MEETING REPORT: Planting With Your Pooch & Other Pets (Critters Too) Presented By Judy Macomber, March 2024

By Karen England, for Let's Talk Plants! May 2024.

SD Hort President Karen England's Vista, California garden is home to a couple big collies, including Devon shown here.

Planting with Your Pooch & Other Pets (Critters Too) with Judy Macomber.

On March 9, 2024, Judy Macomber, the publisher of PetLovers Publications and a San Diego County Master Gardener, put this combination together to present to SD Hort her lifelong loves: plants and animals.

She is also a housekeeper, cook, entertainment committee, and vegetable grower for three incredible dogs.

Through the years this has given her ample education on pet-friendly plants, and opportunities to try to outwit “The Backyard Terrorist” …and sometimes she even wins!

Judy covered all aspects of this subject from new pets, new gardens to old pets, old gardens. She will teach you that "Sharing Can Be Attainable…as well as Sainthood." and show you which "Plants to Leave In ... Plants to Take Out." Including info on "Planting for Pooch and Pussycat - Herbal /Vege Favorites." She will address the age-old question "Why Do Dogs Dig?" as well as give tips "Discouraging the Chewer" and "Handling 'Houdini' ... Fencing Techniques." She will not forget to cover "Animals, Insects and Other Pets in Your Yard or Patio" or "Natural Pest Controls for the Insects and Critters" along with "Tidbits to Attract and Deter."



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