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GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: How Our Collective Gardening Passion Helps Us

By Francesca Filanc.

Today is November 29, 2020. This has been a difficult year for all of us in one way or another, and yet, we are all so lucky to have the passion of gardening and nature during this time especially.

It has been said that 85 percent of the world is stressed right now because of the Coronavirus, but we who have the passion for plants, gardening, farming, or anything to do with nature are able to, at times, move free of our feelings of sadness, grief, loneliness, etc., into feelings of freedom and joy. There can be pure joy as we deadhead roses in November, or savor the fragrance of a red, highly fragrant tree rose such as “Firefighter” that grows in my garden!

Photo courtesy: Weeks Roses.
"Firefighter" rose. Bred by Joseph Orard (France, before 1998). Introduced in United States by Edmunds' Roses in 2005. Large-flowered Hybrid Tea with blooms that are dark red, lighter reverse. Strong, fruity, musk, old rose, raspberry, sweet fragrance. Large, full blossoms, borne mostly solitary, high-centered bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Tall, upright growth habit with glossy, dark green foliage.

This Thanksgiving was different than any we have ever experienced in most of our lifetimes. Historically, there has not been a pandemic in over 100 years. And yet, it is still a time to be thankful for our many blessings. As hard a time as this is for most people, we can still be thankful for the good in our individual lives. Deepak Chopra, among many others, says that by . . .

. . . being thankful, we make space for good to come into our lives.

This can be so hard to do if our life seems to be falling apart!

But getting our hands into the dirt, smelling the soil, tending a garden, or walking in nature, can all change our focus completely and bring us into a space of light, love and joy, no matter what we have had to endure in this lifetime!

I found myself feeling sad the day after Thanksgiving because normally I would be with my children and grandchildren. This is not a biggie when compared to other people’s sorrows, but I was feeling very sad nonetheless! I actually felt that I was in a depression and I might have been, but if not that, I was certainly depressed.

One thing that helps me is a routine of exercise. For me, it is in the form of swimming at the Boy’s and Girl's Club, as many days a week as I can make an appointment online, and, if possible, walking every day. Also, gardening always brings me out of a slump!

I had not painted a painting since the beginning of this Pandemic in early March.

Photo credit: Francesca Filanc.
"It Is What It Is" and others of Francesca Filanc's paintings are featured currently at Art Scene West, 312 South Cedros Ave., Suite 130, Solana Beach, CA. Call for hours or appointment 1-213-700-1620

Last week, all of a sudden, I got the idea for a new series of paintings and the idea came from my passion of gardening!

Photo and artwork credit: Francesca Filanc.
"Healing The World Through Consciousness of Thought - JOY" Oil on canvas by Francesca Filanc.

As I write this, I hear a frog that has been living in my garden for months outside my office. The sound is pure joy to me and I smile as I hear its croak, perhaps looking for a mate? Many months ago I had one in my back garden, I have never seen it but I sure hope he or she finds a mate! Joy wells up in my heart as I hear the frog’s sweet voice in the garden.

In conclusion, we are coming into the holiday season. Actually, we are in it! 😃 It is normal to feel some negative feelings when we are in the holiday seasons, but remember to go outside, into your gardens and/or nature as this might help you feel joy, love, peace, contentment, happiness, etc., and other good feelings.

"Our thoughts are a collective body of truth!"

- Francesca Filanc

We can all help heal ourselves and the world, mentally and physically, by doing what we love to do!

Keep Gardening!

With much love,


Above - The author and artist's, Francesca Filanc, Olivenhain, CA garden inspires her to paint, gives her joy and eases pandemic fatigue.



SDHS Member Francesca Filanc

... approaches her blank canvases with a raw and powerful creative force and offers not only an aesthetically pleasing and masterfully executed final product, but also a tremendously valuable insight into the depths of human emotion, tenderness and vulnerabilities. It is her Olivenhain garden that inspires her work and philosophy.


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