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GARDEN DESIGN MONTH REPORTS: Part l – March 2023 Panel Discussion Meeting With The APLD

By Karen England for Let’s Talk Plants! May 2023.

APLD panel of six landscape designers, from left to right, Angela Benson, Debra O'Leary, Amelia Lima, Nan Sterman, Jackie Seidman, and Andrea Doonan.

March 2023 Panel Discussion Meeting With The APLD

March 2023 was our first ever “Garden Design Month” and what a month it was!

On Monday, March 13, the SDHS enjoyed an in-person panel discussion about the many benefits of good landscape design. Whether one is a landscaping do-it-yourself homeowner or looking to hire a landscape designer, the discussion featuring six Association of Professional Landscape Designers was full of design and garden information that was interesting and useful to all. Topics covered were about everything pertaining to gardening in our San Diego area; sustainability, water conservation, putting the right plants in the right spots, style, problem solving and troubleshooting existing plantings and more.

Find the panelists to learn more:

~ Angela Benson Landscapes

~ Amelia B. Lima & Associates, Inc.

~ Jackie Seidman

~ Andrea Donnan horticulture + design

What a wonderful way for members to learn about what goes into a well designed landscape from the qualified designers themselves and then be able to see these techniques and designs actually installed and growing in the real gardens featured just a few weeks later on our Spring Garden Tour.

Don't miss GARDEN DESIGN MONTH REPORTS: Part ll - Artists-in-the-Gardens, also in this May 2023 issue of Let's Talk Plants! And look for Part lll - Spring Garden Tour - Gardens By Design coming in the June 2023 newsletter.

Karen England is the current president of the SDHS as well as editor-in-chief of the newsletter Let's Talk Plants!

She can be reached at

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