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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Amazingly Effective Ant Trap

By Ava Torre-Bueno, for Let’s Talk Plants! February 2024. Originally published February 2011, No. 197.

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Amazingly Effective Ant Trap

Ants will be showing up in your garden soon if they aren’t there already. Here's a recipe for an ant trap that will kill off an entire ant colony in about 10 days to two weeks. [Editor’s note: I tried this and it works better than any commercial ant poison I’ve ever used!]

In a lidded container, mix about equal parts of sugar syrup (Karo Syrup is good for this) and diatomaceous earth (pool filter powder). Add about half as much water to make a somewhat runny goo.

Track your ant trail to as close to the nest as you can get. Sometimes this is to the floorboard that the ants are coming out under, or it may be outside.

Put about a tablespoon of the goo in a semi-circle around where the ants are starting to trail (you can also put the goo in a small open container). They will go for it immediately.

Then, especially in dry weather, add a few drops of water twice a day to keep the trap moist.

Every couple of days, add a bit more goo on or around the first goo.

In two weeks, when there are no more ants, just use plenty of water to clean up the trap. This is completely organic and harmless to pets and kids.

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