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EDITOR'S LETTER: Miss American Green Cross of 1928 Pleads "Help Save Our Trees"

By Karen England.

Historically the Green Cross has had many different iterations from meaning "First Aid," or a "Medical Marijuana Dispensary," to an international environmentalist organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, founded by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993 among many other things. Recently, I visited beautiful Brand Park for the first time, located in Glendale, California, and learned about the American Green Cross Society of 1926.

I was fascinated. A little google search once I was back home led me to the Forest History Society and it filled in the rest of the story and you can read it here

"Help Save Our Trees"
"The Forest Is The Mother Of Our Rivers"

- Miss American Green Cross

I wish the American Green Cross Society of the 1920's still existed. I would join ...

Loretta Munoz
Karen England, recently at Brand Park in Glendale, California, wants everyone to "Help Save Our Trees".

Just to be clear, SDHS President and newsletter editor-in-chief, Karen England, is not Miss American Green Cross. I repeat, she is not Miss American Green Cross.

But if she were, she'd spread the word far and wide, "Help Save Our Trees."


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