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NEWS: SDHS Exhibit Awards

Our beautiful Garden Show exhibit won many awards this year: Thanks to Greg Rubin who designed the exhibit,to all the volunteers who helped to install it, and to our donors who made it all possible. Here's what we won:

Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture. Best presentation of the landscape display in the drawn landscape plan.

American Horticultural Society’s Environmental Award. Presented for an exhibit of horticultural excellence which best demonstrates the bond between horticulture and the environment.

Watersmart Landscape Award. Presented to the exhibit that best exemplifies a WaterSmart garden that not only saves water but is also a garden to live in and an outdoor space that fits our San Diego lifestyle.

H.W. Buckner Cactus and Succulent Award. Presented to an exemplary garden landscape that best demonstrates the use of these true xerophytes.

California Native Plant Society, San Diego Chapter. Presented to the garden exhibit with the best use of California native plants.

Master Gardener Association Earth-Friendly Gardening Honorable Mention. In recognition of the Landscape Display that best demonstrates Earth-Friendly Gardening principles.

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