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Getting to know Alicia!

Award winners Greg Thayer and Alicia Raposa with SDHS President Frank Mitzel, .

SDHS awarded two $1000 scholarships to students in the Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture program this year. Alicia Raposa, who received the Don and Dorothy Walker scholarship, kindly shared her gardening and natural history journey with us:

“My love for plants started as a toddler, Dad would make holes in the soil and I’d follow dropping seeds. We grew the majority of the produce we ate and preserved surpluses to enjoy off-season.

…In my early 20’s I became deathly sick, western medicine saved my life, but herbs healed me. I had never used herbal medicine prior, but the experience brought me even closer to plants.

Healing and creating the conditions for life to thrive have become passions of mine. During college and since, these passions lead me to study all over the world; learning holistic nutrition, herbalism, permaculture, homesteading, and indigenous agricultural practices.

I was teaching the aforementioned topics at a holistic college when I decided to balance my experiential and holistic knowledge with some scientific and mainstream instruction.

I found myself at Cuyamaca’s Sustainable Horticulture program and starting next fall I’ll be a part of Miracosta’s Arboriculture program."'

Alicia has worked with urban forestry non-profits and is currently working in the landscaping industry in San Diego.

Joining SDHS is on her "to do" list this summer. Be sure and welcome her at an upcoming meeting!

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