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NEWS: A Special Thank You From Garden Tour Chair John Beaudry

By John Beaudry.

Our 2018 Garden Tour was a smashing success! We had nearly one thousand attendees plus ten plein air artists painting and ten craftspeople selling beautiful handmade garden related crafts. We were also supported by an incredible group of fifty generous volunteers to whom we shout out a very special thank you! The number of participants arguably makes our tour the largest garden tour in San Diego County.

The gardens were at the peak of spring bloom, each one lovelier than the next. Because our tour is always early in the year, the weather is generally not overly hot, nor too cold. It is a perfect time of year for gardeners to be with one another and to do what we all love: come together to enjoy and learn about plants and gardens.

We especially want to thank all the homeowners who graciously opened their gardens for us all to enjoy; the tour would not exist without your generosity.

If you missed our tour this year, be sure to sign up early next year. We always sell out!

And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank all the SDHS board members for their tireless commitment to pulling it all together and making our garden tours a success year after year.

A special thank you to our tour day volunteers:

Rob Ashley

Salina Baulen Ritchie

Benay Beri

Ann Blake

Kathryn Blankinship

Betsy Blodgett

Eleanor Bolen

Sandy Burlem

Ann Caprioglio

Terry Chamberlain

Jack Chamberlain

John Dunchack

Connie Forest

Jennifer Gersen

Michelle Golden

Julie Hasl

Greg Herbert

Myrna Hines

Heather Holland

Suki Ince

Barbara Jenkins-Lee

John Kramer

Gretchen Kramer

Phyllis Kuszneir

Susan LaFerniere

Leon LaFreniere

Nicole Lustig

Joy Lyndes

Stephen Magum

Kit Marshall

Mary Jo McCall

Juanita McColloch

Claire McGreal

Tom McGreal

Cindy McIntyre

Frank Mitzel

Colleen Moskol

Soledad Noland

Jessica Novak

Joan Oliver

Susanna Pagan

Neya Pasley

Mary Lou Peterson

Peggy Poorman

Barbara Redlitz

Jeff Redlitz

Jennifer Ryan

Lisa Schneider

Nancy Spieczny

Susan Swift

Laura Tezer

Jan Thomas

Linda Thompson

Donna Tierney

Diana Tigner

Francine Tong

Marcia Van Loy

Laura Walker

Jill Whitebook

Erica Windheim

Jan Zanville

Stephen Zolezzi

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