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PLANT OF THE MONTH: Camellia japonica

By Sherrill Leist and Lisa Marun.

At each monthly meeting, members bring in plants, cuttings, or flowers and put them in blue bottles on our display tables. What a great way to see which plants grow well in our area! EVERYONE is invited to participate. All plants are welcome. Write descriptions similar to those below and place them with your plant(s).

We choose one of these plants to feature in our newsletter every month. Join the fun and bring something to the next meeting! We thank those people who have brought in plants to show to other members.

PLANT OF THE MONTH: Camellia japonica, COMMON CAMELLIA (Theaceae), East Asia

An array of Sharon Lee's camellias on display at the February meeting.

The Plant of the Month had to be the Camellia japonica. Sharon Lee brought her dazzling display of large and small pink, white, red, and variegated blooms. They were fragrant and simply beautiful to share. Some arrived in individual plastic containers and each was displayed in its own tiny water dish. 'Nuccio’s Pink Lace', 'Frank Houser', 'Nuccio’s Jewel', and 'Henry E. Huntington' were among the outstanding pink varieties. 'Tata' was a lovely white and 'Nuccio’s Pink Lace' was blushing. The prettiest belle of the bunch would be difficult to choose. (Sharon Lee, Solana Beach) – S.L.

In addition to the plant described above, we thank members who brought the following:

Jason Chen: Salvia munzii, SAN DIEGO SAGE (Lamiaceae) South San Diego; Salvia clevelandii x S. leucophylla ‘Allen Chickering’, ALLEN CHICKERING SAGE (Lamiaceae) Coastal Southern California and Baja California; Salvia brandegei 'Pacific Blue', PACIFIC BLUE BRANDEGEE SAGE (Lamiaceae) Santa Rosa Island, California

Sue Fouquette: Un-named succulent with orange bells

Sherrill Leist: Bauhinia blakeana, HONG KONG ORCHID TREE (Fabaceae) Hong Kong

Sheldon Lisker: Chasmanthe aethiopica, SMALL COBRA LILY (Iridaceae), South Africa; Narcissus fernandesii, JONQUILLA DAFFODIL (Amaryllidaceae) Portugal

Sue Fouquette: Narcissus spp. (Amaryllidaceae) Southern Europe and North Africa

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