NEWS: New Volunteer Coordinator for SDHS

SDHS welcomes a new board member this month. Karen Krugman has joined the SDHS Board as our new Volunteer Coordinator. Karen moved to San Diego in February 2016 to be closer to her family, settling in Oceanside. Prior to that, she was a longtime resident of New York City, where she most recently worked as the assistant to the president of a major construction company. Karen’s background also includes training in strategic research and work as a professional organizer.

Gardening, however, was not on Karen's radar until she moved to California and purchased a house with a yard. She described the existing garden at her property as “disgusting,” and immediately set about removing most of it. Now, she has plumeria, roses, succulents, a butterfly garden, and even a labyrinth of layered stones that she designed and installed herself. She joined SDHS to learn more about gardens and gardening, and she promptly became part of our 2017 Fair Exhibit team.

Karen volunteered to be our new Volunteer Coordinator because she enjoys working with people and likes to be active in the organizations she supports. In addition to serving on the SDHS Board, she is also a board member of several other organizations in her community. She’s looking forward to working with everyone in SDHS. You can meet her on October 7th at our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast.



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