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Botanical Art Around the World and Through the Ages

Debra Lee Baldwin, this month’s speaker, is not only an expert on succulents, but she’s also a wonderful watercolorist:

The art of painting flowers and plants goes back into pre-history. Here’s a prehistoric painting of hemp from Japan:

Halfway down this web page, there are five lovely plant paintings by Barbara Nicholson from the Natural History Museum in London:

Writer and artist Katherine Tyrrell has created a beautiful and informative website about botanical art and artists. You can read about the long history of plant artists such as Franz Bauer at England’s Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew: ( and you can spend hours roaming around the links on this page: There’s also a page devoted to botanical artists in North America (with a short video of the works of Heeyoung Kim, an orchid painter):

Finally, type the words “plants diego rivera” into your Google search box and click on “images” to see Rivera’s iconic lilies and sunflowers!

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