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MONTHLY MEETING: April Meeting - The No Sacrifice Low Water California Garden

Huntington Entrance Garden

On Monday, April 3, 2017, the San Diego Horticultural Society welcomes Scott Kleinrock, horticulturist, landscape designer, and garden educator focused on California native, regionally adapted, and edible landscapes. Low water landscapes do not have to be about “going without.” A yard that is just gravel with a few succulents is not necessarily moving in a sustainable direction. The gravel holds on to the summer heat and gravel spaces become abandoned spaces where people don’t want to spend time. A garden should be a pleasure to be in, a pleasure to maintain, and a pleasure to experience with all its birds and insects. Scott’s presentation will discuss how to envision spaces that include everything you could want (including color, habitat, shade, and places for respite) from gardens that need less water and resources because they are composed of plants naturally adapted to our regional conditions. Examples will include the California Garden at The Huntington, other public gardens, residential gardens, and inspiring images from the wilds of Southern California.

Scott Kleinrock

Scott is currently the Conservation Programs Manager at the Chino Basin Water Conservation District, a San Bernardino County agency dedicated to creating a culture of sustainable water use through demonstration and education. Previously, he was the Landscape Design and Planning Coordinator at The Huntington, where he led the planting design of the Brody California Garden, a 6.5-acre Mediterranean climate landscape with nearly 50,000 California natives and dryclimate plants.

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