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NEWS: Science Fair Winners

Each year, the San Diego Horticultural Society judges projects in the Plant Sciences category for the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. This year’s SDHS judges were Jan Thomas, Giana Crispell, and Gail and Dick Nye.

Here are the award winners for 2017. Congratulations to all!

Junior High School Winners:

  • Avishai Adato: "The Effect of Pesticides on Plant Growth"

  • Antonio Estudillo: "Hydroponic Systems"

Senior High School Winners:

  • Aadil Rehan: "A Multilateral Approach to Combatting the Recurrence of Phytophthora Cinnamomi"

  • Annan Tran & Nico Laqua: "Novel Biogasoline Production via Macroalgal Duckweeds by the Open Expression Method IL-60"

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