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SUCCULENT GARDEN PARTY: Due to concerns with the Omicron COVID variant this event has been canceled.

The gardens at Rick and Kevin's place.

Due to concerns with the Omicron COVID variant this event has been canceled.

Succulent Garden Party

at Rick and Kevin’s place

Sunday, January 23, 2022, 10am to 2pm

Please note:

Although this is not a San Diego Horticultural Society sponsored event, the SDHS membership is kindly invited to attend this private gathering. Please direct any and all questions that you may have after reading the following event information to the host, (619) 229-1125, Rick Bjorklund.

Rick and Kevin's last succulent garden party was in January 2020 and they are looking forward to hosting, seeing friends again, and making new ones.

If you haven’t attended before, they have a large collection of succulents and cacti, all over their lot, which is just under ¼ acre. There are many kinds of succulents, some small and others larger, including agave, aloe, crassula, kalanchoe, echeveria, othonna, mesembs, adromischus, gasteria, cauduciforms, and many others, including Kevin’s haworthia hybridizing efforts, with some bromeliads, tillandsias and bulbs mixed in. Most plants are labeled but if the name is not clear please ask the hosts so that the labels remain in place.

In the last year many of the agaves bloomed, and finally this year Agave ‘Jaws’ is in spike after dominating the front yard for many years. Many of the aloes should be in bloom and if you are here in the afternoon the mesembs usually begin blooming around 1pm or so.

As in previous years, we will have homemade appetizers and desserts as well as beverages, and will have some plants and garden related items for sale (cash only please).



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