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SHARING SECRETS: Watering as the Sun Goes Down...

Edited by Cathy Tylka.

Photo courtesy WIX
Watering is enjoyable. What do you call it?

Question this month …

What do you do when you’re watering as the sun goes down? A friend of mine called it beer watering, I say it is wine watering … anything else ... water, juice, tea, coffee? How about lavender water? Well, at least shower the plants!

1. from Karen England, 92084 …

I call it showering (me). I don’t shower in the morning (I am a widow who, for all intents and purposes, lives alone and showering is no longer for the benefit of anyone who might smell me . . .) so that I can “shower" later while watering the garden. I discovered a thing called “grounding” or “earthing” several years ago, you all probably know all about this already, but I didn’t. Short explanation is -

"Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that 'ground' or electrically reconnect you to the earth. 

This practice relies on earthing science and grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on your body. This type of grounding therapy isn’t entirely the same as the technique that is used in mental health treatment.” 

A "great way to use water to heal is to ground in areas that are naturally moist: by the ocean or river or lake… even the morning dew on a blade of grass!

There is a reason that doctors routinely gave out prescriptions for spending time by the sea when they had no idea what else to do to help an ailment.  That’s because the earth has healing energy to give you, and if you add moisture to that you increase your own conductivity and healing accelerates.” - 

Photo credit: wikimedia commons.
moisture + you + earth = expedited healing

I use my barefoot “garden shower” to heal my spirit and reboot. 


2. from Cathy, 92026 …

This evening I’m having white wine with a tangerine sectioned for snacking and enjoying the beauty of the garden!


3. from Lori in 92084 …

It's Greyhound time while watering the garden. The 50' Oro Blanco trees provide plenty of juice, just add Vodka!


4. from Dale …

I recycle as much as is possible. I water before a rain. I water when it is foggy and high humidity. I water using a bucket. My lawn is looking pitiful. Mainly hydrate my fruit trees with gusto. I water before sunrise. My water bill is higher than I wish.


5. from Dana …

Gin and tonic every time! (Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin) Oh, lots of lime!!! And a few torn basil leaves because, well, it’s basil. Cheers!


6. from Sheila …

I can’t imagine holding a drink of any kind. My free hand is forever unkinking the hose, deadheading, pulling off yellow leaves and every other gardening chore.


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