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SHARING SECRETS: Signatures of Garden Love

Edited by Cathy Tylka.

February is the month for Valentines, hearts and flowers… Do you have any signatures of love in your garden and how can you share them?

photo credit: Steve
Steve's inherited violet patch.

Steve wrote…

Many years ago, along with a potted plant inherited from a gardening aunt, were violets. What remains today is a large patch, in the ground, that I look forward to every year. Ruby Archer’s words are shared . . .

Violets by Ruby Archer

Violets, I hold you Sweet within my hand.

Whisper what he told you In the sunset land.

Violets, my spirit Feels what you intend.

In my soul I hear it:

"Think upon thy friend."


Janet Ward, 91902 says…

Azaleas and Camellias were my Mom’s favorite flowers in her garden and growing up she had lots of them around the yard. So when I got my own yard to fill, I put a Camellia in several key spots where I could enjoy their blooms from inside the house and outside. I love the deep dark pink of Kramer’s Supreme so much I have 3 of them and I can see them from the kitchen, dining and living room windows. They have a long bloom time (November to March, at least in my yard), but they are especially heavily in bloom this month, and they make a great cut flower gift to take to neighbors and friends, for Valentine’s Day, or just because! I always think of my Mom when I see them, and feel like they are her gift to Mom, and feels like a gift to me.

Photo credit: Janet Ward.
<Rachel italics> Janet's Mom's favorite flower! Camellia japonica 'Kramer's Supreme'

Charlotte Getz, 92024 states:

My colorful plants blooming now in February are Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’ and Grevillea ‘King’s Rainbow’.

Both are favorites of hummingbirds.


Karen England, 92084 shares:

On our 21st wedding anniversary, my husband and I poured concrete garden paths throughout the front garden and, of course, I wrote in the wet concrete.

Photo credit: Karen England.
D❤️K 21

On our anniversaries now, since my husband passed away in 2014, and because his ashes were spread on family property down in Australia, meaning I don’t have a place to visit like a cemetery here in the US, I put flowers around the writing in concrete and it’s my garden marker to love. This year would have been our 31st anniversary.


Cathy Tylka, 92026 tells us:

I love the flowering of my jade plants all over my yard and the lovely white flowers which appear at this time of year.

Photo credit: Cathy Tylka.
Cathy's flowering jade.

They are everywhere I look.

Our Jade Plant by Star Eyes

Sturdy and strong, this love of ours, been through hell, and made it back stronger than ever- This plant: symbolizes our love- The thick, meaty leaves... strong, but delicate reminding us... that each day- we need to take care of "US" The tough, sturdy stalk shows the strength of our love pushing through the soil- surviving in the toughest of climates and hardest of times.... as we care for, and water this plant watching it grow, so to shall our love...


Cathy Tylka, RN, retired Emergency Nurse, found her love of plants and the SDHS merge many years ago. Cathy acted as Treasurer for the organization and volunteer for many activities. Now, more than happy to assist in gathering questions to ask you in the Sharing Secrets area of the Newsletter.


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