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SHARING SECRETS: Rain Or Shine, What’s Your Plan?

Edited by Cathy Tylka, for Let’s Talk Plants! February 2023.

WiX stock photo.

This month’s question:

If we have rain, what do plan to do in your garden?

If we do not have rain, what do you plan to do in your garden?


Miranda Alexander of 92117, shared…

... My fall/winter edible garden with poppies growing in front of the red blueberries var. "Sunshine Blue".


Ida Rigby of 92064 plans…

... If we have rain, I'll rejoice and wait to do any work until the soil is workable.

I'll enjoy the bulbs that are blooming and the promise of those that are just

coming up. If it does not rain, I'll weed. How can a yard full of weeds come

up overnight? If it continues not to rain I'll carry on as I was a month ago,

watering, not planting any new, not even native, plants, and hunker down for another year of triage.


Debbie Dunn spoke up and replied…

... I have worked in water conservation for two decades. Rain or not, we should have a similar plan. This time of the year is the best time to plant your new water-wise garden. This way, Mother Nature can water it naturally. There are so many beautiful drought tolerant plants, not just succulents or natives, which will enhance your gardens and invite local wildlife. For more information, consider checking out The Water Conservation Garden at

Enjoy this beautiful rain!


Charlotte Getz from 92024, replies…

... In between rains this aft. One is of my fruit trees which are all dormant now (peach and apple trees) and the other picture is of my garden boxes on the southside of our house. Only sugar snap peas and strawberries in the boxes currently. Waiting for warmer temperatures for planting...


WiX stock photo of hummingbirds at red Fushia blossoms. Imagine Robyn watching from below...

Hummingbirds hover over Robyn Gordon waiting for their turn to get nectar from the red flowers. No more than two hummers are allowed on the plant at the same time. Others are chased away!


Diane Foote lauds us with this answer…

... If we have rain, I make sure I have room in my barrels to catch it, even if that means emptying some of what is stored into the ground where it can soak in.

If we don't have rain...water the garden from the barrels. ;-)


Jenny Hawkins commented

... If we have rain, I plan to plant.


Cathy Tylka, of 92026, says…

...Well, because it rained, I do not have to power wash my cover of the back porch… The rain removed all the mold and fungus. And now for my favorite job removing grass from my garden… At least the ground is wet.


WiX stock photo. If there were a picture of Karen rain dancing, there isn't, be grateful, it might look something like this...

In addition to praying for rain, Karen England, of 92084 leaves nothing to chance and does daily rain dances (in private).

According to the Los Angeles Times article linked above from 2014 by Diana Marcum,

"... Native Americans encourage everyone to join in a [rain dance] ceremony to break open the heavens and bring forth water."


Question for next month…

Yes, it’s time for hearts and sweethearts, and all things Cupid…

So, what is in your garden that reminds you of this wonderful time of year? And on the other hand, do you plan to add anything that makes you feel like hearts and flowers to your lovely garden?


Cathy Tylka, RN, retired Emergency Nurse, found her love of plants and the SDHS merge many years ago. Cathy acted as Treasurer for the organization and volunteer for many activities. Now, more than happy to assist in gathering questions to ask you in the Sharing Secrets area of the Newsletter.


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