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SHARING SECRETS: Growing Plants from Seeds.

Edited by Christina Ivany.

Our December meeting featured an enthusiastic and informative talk by Brijette Peña on "The Magical World of Seeds".  Have you grown plants from seeds here in San Diego and if so, do you have any success stories or words of wisdom to share?

Susi Torre-Bueno (92084): Loved the talk! I've grown plants from seeds for over 60 years, the last 35 of them here in San Diego.  In the last few years we've had great success with beets in our raised veggie beds, plus ornamental corn.  Other seeds I've success with recently: ornamental poppies, nasturtium, thunbergia, snow peas, rainbow chard, and chives.  For 2020 I'm planting lots more beets and edible corn.  Because they're a sponsor of SDHS, I try to buy my seeds from Renee's Garden, whose excellent website includes recipes along with great instructions about sowing their seeds.  You can buy their seeds online or at many local nurseries (I go to Green Thumb in San Marcos, another SDHS sponsor).

Stephen Zolezzi: For most home gardeners cuttings, Kiki’s or offsets are usually an easier way to replicate plants, but for many plants the only way to reproduce a favorite or rare plant is a seed. There is something magic about collecting, preparing and planting a seed to see (if successful) what will come up. I have had successes and failures with seeds---sown outside even with proper soil preparation, water and nurturing every critter by land or air is your enemy right up to the end. Grown indoors with the right medium, water, light and heat success is not an absolute. Now you’re probably thinking I need to take my depression meds reading this piece so far? Just want to separate the hurdles from winning the prize. I have and do plant seeds---I would not garden without planting seeds, because the rewards outweigh the challenges. It’s real magic—fulfillment to have planted a seed to see it mature into a healthy plant/tree. If you’re not planting seeds you’re missing out on the magic of life!

Marilyn Wilson (92008): If you plan to spread pre-emergent to prevent weeds, make sure the seeds you plant have already germinated.

Cindy Sparks Bruecks (92107): I save only a little rainwater because I don't have good geometry to save it where it comes down off the roof. However, what I do save is great for starting seeds and watering new starts.


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