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Edited by Cathy Tylka, for Let’s Talk Plants! April 2023.

Sharing Secrets Question for April…

... It’s getting greener since the rain, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. What new or renewed greenery is growing in your garden? Do you love it or hate it! And "may you be in Heaven a half hour before the devil knows you’re dead!!!”

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“The greener the setting, the more the relief.” ― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, as found on

Tynan Wyatt declared…

… My greatest excitement about unexpected greenery this year would be the Babiana plants that sprouted from seeds that didn't get the winter drench they were expecting last year. I had forgotten all about them, so it was nice to see a few decide they were ready to poke their heads out this rainy season.


Deborah Brennan of 92064, answered appropriately (for St. Patty’s Day!) ...

... Oxalis has taken over everything. It’s pretty but omg. How to control and get rid of where it’s not wanted? It comes back bigger every year!!!

And I think it looks glorious!


Cathy Tylka of 92026 reports….

... You have to love Oxalis, I have several types, and only with water does it survive!

My garden is various hues of green and they all seem to brighten with the rain, and some even flower!


Debby Dunn of 92009, reports…

… The magical rain has made everyone's garden look brighter and happier. While this massive rain season was oh-so needed, it's a shame that it rained so often and so hard, for this has reduced the ability to capture and store more of it. Working in water conservation I am grateful, but, being a lover of warm weather and sunny days, I am looking forward to Spring!


Alice Ford shares…

… My plants out front really appreciated the extra rain. I usually tend to underwater everything. Survival of the fittest mode.

Looking through my sunset book, I see Calendula officinalis, that I got from a neighbor last year and planted from seed. This plant is used in ointment for burns and abrasions.


Tony Foster contemplates…

… A couple of the things mentioned in your post brought to mind what is growing in my yard that I absolutely HATE! My mother referred to it as Devil Grass, I call it crabgrass as it makes me crabby. Some garden chemist has to come up with a potion that will kill it and not the rest of the garden as I am close to giving up on pulling it. And it will consume any garden overnight.

But it’s not all crabgrass!


Karen England of 92084 loves green!

… My house is painted green, my manufactured steel building/barn is green, my car is green, the hens lay green eggs, the hoses are green, my patio furniture is green and best of all, thanks to the rain, my garden is a lovely patchwork quilt of shades of green.


Sharing Secrets question for next month…

... The sky is blue, the trees are full and many of the items in your garden are in bloom. Tell us about them. Old and new, bought or given, good or bad… why do you keep them? Also, why did you plant them and how?


Cathy Tylka, RN, retired Emergency Nurse, found her love of plants and the SDHS merge many years ago. Cathy acted as Treasurer for the organization and volunteer for many activities. Now, more than happy to assist in gathering questions to ask you in the Sharing Secrets area of the Newsletter.


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