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SEPTEMBER MEETING: We are Having a Horticultural Concert!

Photo credit; Sean Watkins.
Sean Watkins, Karen England and Dominique Arciero-Watkins are giving the members of the SDHS a concert of Horticulturally rich songs on 9/14.

That's right! We will be having a Zoom concert of horticulturally rich songs, live from the front porch stage at Karen England's home in Vista, CA. This is a one of kind presentation that will install her as the next President of the SDHS. Karen will present the horticultural aspect to the songs, how to grow and use the plants in the music being performed by recording artist Dominique Arciero and her husband, Sean Watkins.

Grab some popcorn, turn up the volume, and we will see you on zoom September 14th, at 6pm.

In the meanwhile:

Listen to Sean here


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