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MEETING INFORMATION: April Meeting With Johanna Silver

By Karen England.

Author Johanna Silver

As a board, we have discussed the upcoming Zoom presentation on April 12th at several board meetings before deciding to go ahead with having Johanna Silver present her second book, Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss, Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation (Abrams 2020). Our conclusion was, although we aren't personally interested in growing cannabis for ourselves, we are terribly interested in how cannabis is grown, and we think you all may be interested as well.

You may remember that Johanna has presented to the SDHS before, with her first book, The Bold, Dry Garden, which was a great talk. And now, with her second book, after much back and forth discussion, she has told us that . . . "she thinks our skeptical members will be most appreciative of her garden-centric approach . . . it'll be okay!"

So mark your calendars! It'll be okay!


In other news, because of the ongoing changes that the pandemic has instituted, the SDHS Board has changed its meeting day and time to the following:

  • Board Meeting Dates (subject to change): 3rd Tuesday of Jan, March, May, July, Sept, and Nov. Time: 5-7 PM.

  • Location (subject to change): Online zoom. Link to meeting sent via email by Ken Kubarych before meetings.

  • Attendees: Current Board members. The general public is welcome but cannot vote.

  • Agenda: Email agenda items to Karen England by 10 days prior to the board meeting.


Recently, SDHS President Karen England admitted to previously not liking succulents. She is slowly changing her tune with respect to the much loved succulents in the hopes of not being drummed out of the San Diego Horticultural Society because of this admission.

Having survived that confession with her job intact, she's now hopeful that a presentation on growing cannabis will not get her sent packing.

🤞 🤞


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