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Text and photos by Cathy Tylka, unless otherwise noted, for Let's Talk Plants! December 2021.

Sunset selfie Karen England.
"Uppermost" is Karen England's name for the tippytop of her property with its panoramic ocean views from Camp Pendleton to La Jolla. Sunset selfie courtesy Karen England.

Editor's note: On November 20, 2021, The first SDHS "Coffee in the Garden" since the pandemic started was held at president Karen England's two-acre home and garden in Vista, California (and since there was no coffee at the event, there's a contest for a new and better name *see below to enter . . .)

Thank you for entertaining us with your lovely hillside garden, Karen England! When you see it, you will know why the street it’s located on is called Edgehill Road. It must have taken quite a while of dedication, love, perseverance and lots of work to make an enduring, drought adapted garden like this.

The zig-zag pathway is decorated with lovely antique insulators of all kinds. The stonework, which frames the circuitous course that meanders up the hill, is lovely. When you get to the top of the hill, your view is to die for. I think I could see the ocean!

The pictures of the lovely cactus, agaves, succulents and lovely desert plants in the many pictures I took are in full sun. This is not the ideal time to take pictures, but I could not help myself. It was such a gift to visit this growing beauty.

A visit to a tiny treasure trove of collected fun shed was the final stop on the tour.

What fun! Book-ended by banana trees, growing bananas.



NEXT COFFEE IN THE GARDEN will take place in another hillside garden, that of Jim Bishop and Scott Borden, in early January 2022. More info to come! Watch your email . . .


Enter the best new name for the Coffee In The Garden events and you could win a nursery $25 gift certificate. Wix stock photo.

*New Name for the (coffeeless) Coffee in the Garden Events Contest!

There's got to be a better name for the beloved members open garden day events than "Coffee in the Garden" since we don't serve drinks of any kind and the SDHS thinks you will come up with the perfect new name!

Email your entries to by January 10th. Enter as many names as you want and the one winning entry from all submissions will receive a $25 gift certificate to Sunshine Gardens, Encinitas.


Karen in front of her garden gates . . . Photo credit: Mary Mitchell.

Karen thanks Cathy Tylka for writing about her garden visit in this issue of Let's Talk Plants! And she is grateful to all 70 of you who came to visit her garden on November 20th, it was a truly magical day, and, if you didn't get any persimmons during the tour, she hopes you'll please come back! The tree is still loaded . . .


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