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NEXT MEETING: Robin Kobaly Presents "The Desert Underground" - Oct. 11, '21 @ 6pm On Zoom

Please join the San Diego Horticultural Society

on Monday, October 11, 2021 at 6 pm (pst)

on Zoom

for a presentation by

Robin Kobaly

author of The Desert Underground,

as she leads us on a virtual tour of the desert underground through original artwork, graphics, and photography. This “tour” reveals the amazing partnerships that connect every native plant underground across the landscape. Journey through the interlocking biological and geological systems that work together to gather, move, and share resources, pass information between plants, create a surprising carbon sponge, and help to combat climate change wherever desert soils remain intact. It may be the first time you appreciate caliche! You won’t believe what is happening under our feet.

The Zoom meeting link will be emailed to the

membership, so members watch your inboxes.

Guests are welcome, just send an email to to request the zoom link.

Robin Kobaly, Executive Director of The SummerTree Institute

Robin Kobaly is a botanist and plant ecologist with expertise in plant communities across the Mojave, Sonoran and Southwest deserts. She is Executive Director of The SummerTree Institute, an environmental education nonprofit, and president and cofounder of The Power of Plants.

Robin has degrees from the University of California, Riverside, including a Bachelors Degree in Biology and a Masters Degree in Plant Ecology.

Robin has over 30 years of experience in plant ecology, wildlife biology, land use management, aerial photo interpretation, and natural history interpretation, including work as a botanist for the federal government for 21 years.

Robin is author of a new book “The Desert Underground, an illustrated, virtual tour of the amazing living systems in our desert soils, which has been very well received and popular.

Robin was awarded the 2018 Minerva Hoyt Conservation Award by Joshua Tree National Park Association for her contributions to education, research, and preservation of the California desert. She helped lead the effort to form the newly designated Sand to Snow National Monument, was co-founder of The Wildlands Conservancy, and served as preserve manager of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.



Due to Robin's other projects and commitments the recording of this meeting will only be available on our YouTube channel for seven days once it is uploaded. Please come to this meeting on October 11 so as to not miss out on this wonderful event.


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