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MEETING REPORT: Zoom Meeting Success!

Photo credit: Ken Gland.
New SDHS president Karen England practicing safe zooming for meetings as her cat Whiskey Kitty supervises.

By Ken Gland.

On Monday, July 13, 2020 at 6 PM the San Diego Horticultural Society held its first ever zoom general meeting (the SDHS board has been meeting by zoom since the pandemic started. You can read the latest board report in this newsletter here and it was terrific! Almost 90 members attended the live zoom presentation that day featuring Past President and Horticulturist of the Year, Jim Bishop, who spoke in depth about the 2019 San Diego County Superbloom sharing photographs he took of rare and wondrous blooms obtained during his many hiking treks all across our fair county in 2019. If you missed it or you want to see it again you can watch it on our new YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Jim Bishop
<Rachel> "Jim and Iris missouriensis at Laguna Meadows, June 2019

Please feel free to share SDHS YouTube channel and this outstanding video presentation with others, member and non-members alike, so as to help us all, as an organization, work toward fulfilling our mission, even in hard, uncertain times, which is "To inspire and educate the people of San Diego County to grow and enjoy plants, and to create beautiful, environmentally responsible gardens and landscapes," as well as, accomplish our vision which is "To champion regionally appropriate horticulture in San Diego County."


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