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MEETING REPORT: June 2021, With Toni Gattone, The Lifelong Gardener

The video recording of the great general meeting with Toni Gattone, The Lifelong Gardener, in June will be up on our YouTube channel ▶️ for one more week as per our agreement with the speaker. Please watch it while you can. (FYI - The take down date is August 6, 2021, after 8pm pst.)

Once the recording has been removed on August 6, it may or may not be replaced with a recording about the event 🤞🤞. At that same time this article will be updated with additional info.

When Toni discovered adaptive gardening and realized she was not alone, she understood this was something she was so passionate about,

"I had found my path to serve others and opened the door to launching my monthly newsletter, and my blog and YouTube channel."

Stay tuned!



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