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HYBRID MEETING REPORT: Smart, Gorgeous, Sensible Succulent Gardens w/Debra Lee Baldwin Sept. 2022

The presentation is on our YouTube channel here:
San Diego garden celebrity Debra Lee Baldwin is known globally as The Queen of Succulents.

Smart, Gorgeous, Sensible Succulent Gardens

During her 20-year career as a succulent fashionista, Debra Lee Baldwin has seen it all. From front yards that sadly illustrate what-not-to-do to homeowner-designed masterpieces, Debra shows us the good, the bad and the magnificent. You’ll be inspired, amused, awed by beauty, impressed by practicality, and likely never see succulent gardens in the same way again. With humor, common sense and horticultural know-how, Debra deepens our knowledge and appreciation of these versatile, low-water plants. She'll sign books before and after her presentation.

About Debra Lee Baldwin

San Diego garden celebrity Debra Lee Baldwin is known globally as The Queen of Succulents. Debra launched the succulent craze in 2007 with her book, Designing with Succulents, now in a completely revised and updated new edition. Prior to writing it and two other succulent bestsellers, Debra was a scout and photojournalist for Sunset Magazine and other publications. She has spoken from Canada to Florida to Hawaii, and her YouTube channel’s 100-plus videos have over six million views. Debra lives and gardens on a half-acre north of Escondido in Hidden Meadows.

Read about Debra Lee Baldwin, our HORTICULTURIST OF THE YEAR: 2017 (, here.

Read Debra's Guest Column in Let's Talk Plants! May 2020, about Jim Bishop GUEST COLUMN: SDHS Horticulturist of the Year 2017, Debra Lee Baldwin, visits HOY '19, Jim Bishop. (

Watch Debra's YouTube video of San Diego Horticultural Society past-president Susi Torre-Bueno who shares her perspective on the popularity of succulents and introduces the organization's 2017 Horticulturist of the Year: Debra Lee Baldwin.


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