GUEST COLUMN: Camellia Eye Candy

From Jason Chen's Facebook with Permission.

Yellow hybrid ‘Senritsu koh’

"The recent rains made waste to some (camellia) blooms but also refreshed the soil for new blooms." - Jason Chen, Facebook San Diego Gardener Group, February 7th, 2021

Look what's blooming now:

Higo ‘Tancho’
Higo ‘Ohkan’
Higo ‘Nioi fubuki’
Yellow hybrid ‘Kino-moto 95’
‘Ace of hearts’

SDHS Board member-at-large, Jason Chen, is one of several administrators on the San Diego Gardener Facebook Group where his helpful rose, camellia and more, gardening posts regularly appear.

You can also find him on Facebook (either Jason Chen, or JC Botanical Designs), and Instagram (grevillea01), friend him at your own risk.


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