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GARDEN TOUR: The Peaks & Valleys Of Poway

Our 2022 Spring Garden Tour is in the lovely rolling hills of Poway. The name of the beautiful valley of Poway (Pauwai) is derived from the language of the Diegueno and Luiseno tribes who inhabited the area hundreds of years before the Spaniards arrived. In the early 1900’s, it was known for peaches, Muscat grapes, apricots, pears, hay, and alfalfa. Today, Poway is a satellite community of San Diego, that combines homes and high-tech businesses with its more recent rural past.

The Horticultural Society’s early-season tour focuses on plant-rich gardens belonging to people who have been collecting plants for decades. Each garden has its own personal style, from large estates, to succulent gardens, to landscapes of California native plants. The tour also includes an educational school garden with hydroponics, fish, orchard, herbs and veggies and a working teaching kitchen.



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