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GARDEN DESIGN MONTH REPORT: Part ll - March 2023 Artists-in-the-Gardens

The annual Artists-in-the-Gardens event at SDHS Spring Garden Tours, now being held in collaboration with the APLD, is organized by member Barbara Raub, an outstanding gardener artist in her own right. This report is special to Let's Talk Plants! May 2023.

Sarah Sullivan.
Here is the beautiful art created during the 2023 Spring Garden Tour and the artists who painted in the tour gardens.

From the March 25, 2023 social media of artist Sarah Sullivan.

"The San Diego Horticultural Society held its 2023 Spring Tour today, and I was honored to be a featured artist in the Shades of Green & Circle Garden in Del Mar, a coastal city north of San Diego."

The garden's design creates a sense of rest and contemplation. For example, a small yellow table and chair caught my eye because they would suit me perfectly for my morning coffee and journal writing. This first piece, painted before the crowds came, captures this feeling for me.

Sarah Sullivan.

The garden's simplicity made it easy to appreciate the plants and features. For example, as you approach the front door, these two pots with agave plants command the viewer's attention.

Sarah Sullivan.
"As the day progressed, the garden filled with visitors. I enjoyed overhearing the talk of ardent gardeners, and it made me realize that the day was as much about the gardeners as the garden. This last piece is a sketch of people milling about as they enjoyed their gardenly discussions."

Artist Jami Wright who painted at A Tango of Textures - Designed by AnandaScapes

"...has been a member of various art societies and guilds. She has won many awards at local and regional art shows including First Place in the Torrey Pines Preserve Art in the Pines plein air competition, various awards for the Fine Art Competition at Del Mar Fairs as well as acceptance into the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies annual show. In addition, she has published an ebook for Amazon Kindle E Books titled, How To Paint A Lighthouse In Watercolor."

Presently, she is an active member of the San Diego Watercolor Society where she teachers Beginner Basics and Beginner Landscapes for the Beginner Watercolor Workshop series. She also is a regular guest demonstrator and judge for various art associations. Her website (under construction) is: http://jami-

Jami Wright with finished work. Photo credit: Barbara Raub.


Artist Stephanie Van de Wetering painted in The Rock House garden in Solana Beach. Learn more about Stephanie and her work on Instagram.

Stephanie Van de Wetering painting at The Rock House in Solana Beach.

“Stephanie Van de Wetering paints with transparent watercolor, often choosing to paint portraits and landscapes. She seeks out people and places that reflect the joy she finds in everyday life. She is also an avid quilter.”


Artist Lorri Lynch painted in the Engaging in Color Garden- Designed by Nan Sterman, Waterwise Gardener. Learn more about Lorri and her work on Facebook.

“Lorri is a ‘Party on a Page’ watercolor COLOR landscape artist. She has been the San Diego Watercolor Society’s demonstration paint out manager for the last 16 years.”

See the pink flamingo in the painting Lorri is holding? (Hard to miss, we know...) Well, Lorri and her paintings from last year's Poway Garden Tour are shown in this newsletter article from last year and you'll see that there is a garden flamingo theme to Lorri's SDHS tour paintings ...


Artist Joyce Trinh painted in the The Rooster House Garden - Designed by Amelia B. Lima & Associates, Inc.. Learn more about Joyce and her work on Instagram.



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