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FROM THE PALOMAR DISTRICT: Plant America - Plant Trees

By Sharon Tooley, for Let's Talk Plants! October 2021.

Ann Danke/ Sharon Tooley.
Ann Danke's Xylosma tree in Poway, California.

As we approach the fall season most of the Palomar District Garden Clubs are meeting in person following local and state guidelines. Poway Valley Garden Club met at Templars Hall in Old Poway Park. We moved all the tables for information, membership and food outside so we could spread the chairs apart for our inside meeting. Our challenge for the rest of this year and probably next year is to be flexible and imaginative!

San Diego Floral Association will host their “Birds, Bees, Flowers and Trees” event in Balboa Park on Saturday Oct. 16th. This event includes competitions, kid’s craft tables, a National Garden Clubs Standard Flower Show and lots of vendors.

On Saturday, Nov. 13th Poway Valley Garden Club will also host a National Garden Clubs Standard Flower Show. Both events are free and open to the public.

Wikimedia commons
Crape myrtle in bloom.

Our Palomar District theme will continue to be “Plant America – Plant a Tree.” I want to mention two trees that I have re-discovered recently. The first one is the crape myrtle. My friend Janice who lives in Rancho Bernardo has a beautiful crape myrtle in her back yard that has multiple stems, lots of blooms and is drought tolerant! Their showy pink flowers have wrinkled petals like crepe paper.

The other tree I admired was in Ann Dahnke’s yard in Poway. She has a row of medium sized Xylosma trees along her parking area ending with a larger example at the end of her property. Native to China, Xylosma trees became popular here because they are drought tolerant, reliable and can be sheared to shape when they are young.

We wonder as individuals what we can do to help with climate change – well, one thing we can do is plant a tree and take care of the trees we already have.

Have a great fall season,

- Sharon Tooley


Sharon Tooley is the current District Director of the Palomar District of California Garden Clubs lnc. (CGCI).


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