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FROM THE PALOMAR DISTRICT: New Year Of Gardening, Learning And Friendship

By Sharon Tooley, for Let’s Talk Plants! January 2024.

WiX stock photo.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new year of gardening, learning and friendship.


The Palomar District, a member of California Garden Clubs Inc., now has twenty seven garden clubs and five associate members (including the SDHS.)


We have a diverse range of clubs from Temecula Valley GC down to Chula Vista GC with Ramona GC in our mountains and Carlsbad GC along our shores. As a District we meet three times a year.


This October our hosts were Bernardo Gardeners GC with speaker Diana Drummey showing how to make creative floral designs.


In February we will meet in Poway and in June we will meet in Vista.


In the spring of 2024 clubs from our District will have flower shows, garden tours and garden sales.


With 2549 members from all over the county, we continue to enjoy gardening while working to improve our environment.


Keep digging in the dirt

- Sharon Tooley, Palomar District Director



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