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By Sharon Tooley, for Let’s Talk Plants! September 2022.

It Looks Like a Busy Year!

The Palomar District of the California Garden Clubs recently hosted our state convention at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley in June of this year because our state president Lynne Batchelor lives here. We had guests come from throughout the state to attend the three business meetings, eat many delicious meals, attend lectures, buy raffle tickets and in general just enjoy seeing people they had not seen in over two years. Two of our Bonita Valley Garden Club members, Sandra Graff and Kathy Taylor, organized a National Garden Clubs Standard Flower Show with forty-eight designs. Our sales tables (there were many) helped to support Lynne’s President’s Project – Grant Park which is part of the San Diego River Project. Lynne plans to raise twenty-five thousand dollars to create a sensory garden.

Several of our garden clubs will be hosting flower shows in 2023:

· Coronado plans to have their two-day event on Sat/Sun April 15 and 16.

· Poway Valley will have their show and sale on Saturday, April 15.

· Dos Valles will have their show in Valley Center on Sat/Sun April 21 and 22.

· Vista will have their show and sale on Sat/Sun May 6 and 7.

Our three Palomar District meetings will be:

1. October 31 hosted by Paradise Gardeners.

2. February 27, hosted by Bonita Valley.

3. June 12, hosted by Dos Valles Garden Club.

Fall meetings for our clubs begin this September.

It looks like a busy year!

~ Sharon Tooley, Palomar District Director


Palomar District

Director 2022-23

Sharon Tooley

Theme: Plant America – Plant Trees

Palomar District & CGCI member organizations District Affiliates:

Coronado Floral Association

San Diego Master Gardeners

San Diego Floral Association

San Diego Horticultural Society

Southwestern Judges Council


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