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FROM THE BOARD: Meet New SDHS Board Member Karon De Leon, Volunteer Coordinator

By SDHS President Karen England, for Let's Talk Plants! December 2021.

Karen England
At her retirement party after 32 years of service, the city of San Dimas gifted avid gardener Karon De Leon with her very own street sign.

I am excited for you all to meet my friend Karon De Leon, the newest SDHS board member.

We met at Biola University in La Mirada, CA in 1980 where we were roommates on a dormitory floor of 50 women, four of which were called Karen (with various spellings).

Karen England
For the record - Goat yoga is the only yoga we do!

You should know that Karon lives and gardens in Fullerton, CA and not in San Diego. BUT! For the last 12 years or so, she has been coming down to Vista on an average of every two weeks to help me with my business, my cousin’s business and, for the last few years, helping me care for my bed-ridden mother who lives with me. Sometimes though, she comes down just to do things together like goat yoga . . .

Karon has volunteered along with me repeatedly over the years for Sunshine Gardens Nursery in Encinitas and the Vista Garden Club, so much so, that many local SD people who know her from my social media and those various events do not realize that she actually lives in Orange County. She is retired now after 32 years working for the city of San Dimas as Facilities Manager and is willing to officially help the SDHS for a three-year term as Volunteer Coordinator.

In fact, it was she who greeted you recently if you were among the 70 members who came to the "coffeeless" Coffee in the Garden at my house!

She has experience serving on boards such as the California Parks & Recreation Society, WILS - Women In Leisure Services, Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation, and La Habra Community Resource Care Council. She “wishes to offer her abilities to organize and provide assistance at our gardening events.” Her skill set includes but is not limited to, logistics, bookkeeping, and organizational. Happily, these are all the things that I, as your president, am not skilled at, so she makes a great addition to the board.

Karon De Leon.
"Valentina" Cucumber, Karon's name for her prolific Armenian Cucumber, named for a woman called Valentina who supposedly had the most children (69) ever on record. Karon's Valentina beat the original by a mile in just one day's harvest.

She will need your help to do her job, so please welcome her by volunteering!


President Karen England and new board member Karon De Leon love to volunteer together! If you are lucky you might just get to join us!

Send an email to sign up -


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