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COME INTO THE KITCHEN, GARDENER: Good Meals And How To Prepare Them

By Karen England, for Let’s Talk Plants! January 2024.

Good Meals and How to Prepare Them. Photo credit: Karen England.

Good Meals and How to Prepare Them


In 1997 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California I purchased a sixth edition of a 1927 Good Housekeeping Institute cookbook titled Good Meals and How to Prepare Them that was never for sale originally, as the book was only obtained with a subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine.

Over the years that I’ve owned this small book I have enjoyed reading it, gaining insight into a bygone food era, learning outdated nutrition facts, and all the while realizing that some of the recipes in it are still good, one might even say great.

If you are following Sommer Cartier’s advice from her LTP! column Grow in Abundance here are two recipes from my little 97-year-old cookbook to enjoy using your own homegrown produce as well as links to other recipes in other newsletter issues.


4 cupfuls diced carrots

1½ cupfuls medium white sauce (the Savory Sauces chart at that back of the book gives these rather sparse instructions for making Medium White Sauce – Use a double boiler. Melt 2 tablespoons fat, add 2 tablespoons flour, ¼ teaspoon salt and a dash of pepper. Add 1 cup cold milk. Cook 25 minutes.)

1 cupful canned or fresh cooked peas

Prepare, cook and then dice the carrots. Drain. Add peas to the white sauce and pour over the seasoned carrots. Serves six.

WiX stock photo.


Heap the middle of a hot chop dish (if “chop dish or plate” is not a familiar term [it wasn’t to me] this is what Google defines as a chop dish

with tiny, buttered carrots, allowing three carrots for each serving. Toast six rounds of bread, butter well, and sprinkle grated cheese over the surface. Arrange around the buttered carrots, and on each round lay three or four small, tender, cooked onions, which have been well seasoned with salt, pepper, and butter. Pour one tablespoonful of hot cream over each round and serve at once. Serves six.



Karen England in her happy spot at the top of her property in Vista, California, Christmas 2023.

Karen England is the SDHS

president and newsletter editor.

She also has a website and blog


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