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NEWS: New Home on Magical La Mesa Tour

Sierra Vista Avenue

By John Beaudry.

We are pleased to add another unique property to the 2019 SDHS Spring Garden Tour, Magical La Mesa!

Our tour, on Saturday, April 27, 9am - 4pm, now features nine extraordinary gardens. This latest addition, home to a local artist, sculpture and musician, is full of surprises. The landscape at this 1.5 acre property was designed and built primarily by the owner and offers insights into his own personal history as well as the history of San Diego.

Our tour starts at the lower entrance with a walk across a lawn, flanked by a flight of stairs ending at a garden cupola, to a vineyard featuring local mission grapes. The vineyard is bordered by one-of-a-kind avocado trees, which the homeowner grew from a seedling he discovered as a young boy at his neighbor’s farm.

The tour continues up the flower-covered hill, to a circular seating area and citrus trees. From there, walk across to a natural pond and enjoy the now clearly visible cupola at the top of the stairway. The path continues across a large lawn bordered by annual flower beds and offers a view of downtown San Diego and Mexico. Formal stairs and balustrades showcase an outdoor dining area complete with kitchen, pizza oven and reflecting pool. Walkways lead to the front courtyard where a five-hundred-year-old oak tree greets us, its arms winding their way over lamp posts rescued from the original Naval Training Center.

Tour tickets sell out every year! Purchase them now at

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