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NEWS: Pacific Horticulture Society is Changing

By Pamela Berstler.

Pac Hort is transforming. Since 1968, Pac Hort has published Pacific Horticulture, a quarterly journal of gardening in the Pacific region. For the past 50 years, horticulturalists and gardeners from British Columbia to Baja have supported this publication through “subscriptions” and donations to Pac Hort. However the sands are shifting for print publications, even for excellent boutique journals like Pacific Horticulture, and it has become clear that Pac Hort needs to refocus and expand its mission. That is exactly what we are doing, with the help of the San Diego Horticultural Society and others.

Over the past few months, Pac Hort has begun developing programming that, supported by the magazine, addresses a broad, inclusive, and inter-connected community. We are thinking of ourselves as part of an ecosystem of advocates for nature-based solutions to climate change, emphasizing the importance of individual gardens. We believe environmental literacy is essential for the future of gardens on the West Coast. Through our publications, programs and tours, we intend to be a bridge for our members to learn about the latest research as well as the many stories about innovative gardeners and gardens that will inspire us all.

New Relationship

We have established a new program called the Affiliate Member Organization Program (AMO Program), targeted toward horticulture societies, garden clubs, place-based organizations such as nurseries, public gardens and museums, and professional organizations. This program promotes a direct relationship between Pac Hort and the AMOs. Pac Hort is pleased that the Board of the San Diego Horticultural Society has agreed to become an AMO. A key benefit for SDHS members is a 20% discount on an annual Pac Hort membership.

New Programming

For 2019, Pac Hort is developing a series of free webinar/video conferences. These webinars are intended to connect the various AMO partners and to share with them question and answer sessions with four to six leading scientists from across the Pacific region who are tackling topics of gardens and climate change. These webinars are being developed specifically to include as many regional voices as possible, and are is intended to be free to the public. The AMO relationship with SDHS is directly supporting these events.

New Matching Giving Opportunity

A very generous donor in SoCal has pledged $40K in challenge match funding to support Pac Hort’s transition. Our board has added an additional $10K to that amount. Until the end of 2018, every membership renewal and donation we receive will be eligible to be matched from these funds. Don’t hesitate, we need you! Please renew your membership before the end of the year and consider making a generous donation to help us grow. You can also choose to be a monthly sustaining member..

When joining or renewing your Pac Hort membership, SDHS members are to use the discount code SDHort19. Go to (The discount code is requested at the end of online form before you submit it).

We are looking forward to working more closely with SDHS and to expanding this community of garden advocates throughout the Pacific region. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 510-849-1627. We can help you navigate the online environment and update your information so you are able to stay in touch.

Pamela Berstler is executive director of Pacific Horticulture Society.

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